Paul Tom

“I am certain that there is nothing exceptional about me as a person. I am simply a painter who paints every day from morning till night... I’m not much good at speaking and writing, especially when I have to discuss myself or my work. Just the idea of having to write a simple letter fills me with anguish.”

  1. -Gustav Klimt

«  Je suis certain que ma personne ne comporte rien d’exceptionnel. Je suis simplement un peintre qui peint chaque jour du matin jusqu’au soir... Je ne suis pas très doué pour parler ni écrire, surtout sur moi-même ou sur mon travail. L’idée de devoir écrire une simple lettre m’emplit d’angoisse. »

- Gustav Klimt





Paul Tom – artist

Born in Montreal in 1952. He completed his primary and secondary schooling in Hong- Kong. Upon his return to Canada, he studied visual arts at Cégep du Vieux-Montréal and at Concordia University.
Paul Tom now lives and works in Montreal.